Month: November 2016

IDAS Sponsors Lecture on Alcohol and Drug Prevention Among Adolescents

VCU’s Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies and Beacon Tree Foundation will host an educational meeting to review recent advances in neuroscience relating to drug and alcohol interventions as well as new evidence-based solutions to alcohol and drug prevention among adolescents.

Support Your Fellow Rams with #MindfulFinals

#MindfulFinals is a social media campaign that aims to utilize Instagram and SnapChat to change the conversation around Finals week to promote mindful approaches to stress and anxiety.

Radio IQ Covers Spit for Science

On Nov. 21st Radio IQ released a story about Spit for Science and COBE including brief interviews with Dr. Danielle Dick and Dr. Jessica Salvatore.

Spit for Science Research Roundup #2

A new selection of brief reviews from current undergraduate researchers covering recent events in substance use and emotional health research.

The Artfulness Initiative Expands into the Classroom

Building on the momentum from its launch this Fall, the Artfulness Initiative will offer a course in the Spring that develops one-off art and mindfulness events into a full semester curriculum.

COBE Launches Contemplative Science and Education Core

The CSE Core promotes rigorous scholarship and scientific research on contemplative practices, and stimulates contemplative learning opportunities to foster well-being, resilience, relationships, and performance among VCU students, staff, and faculty, and surrounding Richmond community members.

Mindfulness in Focused Inquiry and Active Minds

For the November edition of the COBE Connect lunch lecture series, we hosted two separate lectures spotlighting different ongoing projects and partnerships on campus.