Month: February 2017

Spit for Science Research Roundup #4

The fourth edition of news updates on substance use and mental health research from students in the Spit for Science undergraduate course.

Can You Really Be Drunk In Love?

In music, movies and many other parts of popular culture, we are surrounded by media portrayals likening love to mind-altering substances – Billie Holiday’s lover goes to her head; Beyoncé is drunk in love; the Weeknd compares his lover to the anesthetic Novocain.

An Update and Overview of Spit for Science

The February COBE Connect Lunch series featured Dr. Danielle Dick discussing the history of Spit for Science and the creation of the College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute.

Does Experiencing Divorce Cause Drinking Problems, or Vice Versa?

Research shows that having an alcohol use disorder and getting divorced are closely related, meaning that if you experience one then you are more likely to experience the other. But how exactly does this association hold?

Tackling the Surgeon General’s Report: Part 1

In 2016, in the midst of growing awareness of an opioid epidemic that claims more lives just due to overdose than car accidents or gun violence, the Surgeon General has released the first Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health with the hope of encouraging a similar decline in alcohol and other drug use.