COBE Connect

The first Tuesday of each month COBE hosts the COBE Connect lunch lecture series in the VCU Student Commons. Each lecture features a different faculty researcher discussing their work as well as a free lunch and opportunity to connect with faculty and students interested in mental health research at VCU.

To find out more, contact COBE Administrative Director Tom Bannard at

Past Presentations

February 7, 2017 (Video Link)
Seven Years of Spit: An Update and Overview of the Spit for Science Study – Danielle Dick, Director, COBE and Professor, Psychology

December 7, 2016 (Video Link)
The Contemplative Science Research Core – Kirk Warren Brown, Associate Professor, Psychology

November 1, 2016 (Video Link)
Mindfulness 101 – Amanda McGann, Assistant Director for Public Health Research and Education, The Wellness Resource Center, and Elizabeth Bambacus, Student Engagement and Summer Studies Administrator, Strategic Enrollment Management
Active Minds at VCU – Andrea Nguyen, President, Active Minds at VCU (Student Organization)

October 4, 2016 (Video Link)
VCU Students Mental Health – Sydney Brodeur-McDonald, Assistant Director, University Counseling Services

September 7, 2016 (Photo Link)
7 Cups of Tea and Disruptive Innovation in our Mental Health System – Glen Moriarty, CEO, 7 Cups of Tea

May 3, 2016
Drunk in Love; Jessica Salvatore, Assistant Professor, Psychology

April 5, 2016
Through a Tilted Lens: #Alcohol and Instagram – Jeanine Guidry, Candidate, Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture

March 1, 2016
Political Humility; Everett Worthington, Commonwealth Professor, Psychology

February 2, 2016
Free Ice Water – John Freyer, Assistant Professor, VCU Arts
Artfulness – Molly Ransone, Assistant Director of Learning Media Innovation, Alt Lab