Uncovering the Science Behind E-Cigarettes

For the March COBE Connect lecture, Health Psychology doctoral candidate and VCU Center for the Study of Tobacco Products researcher Tory Spindle presented on his research with e-cigarettes.

Tory’s primary area of research is focuses on understanding the acute effects of e-cigarettes by using clinical laboratory methods. He has also utilized the Spit for Science dataset to conduct a year-long longitudinal examination of e-cigarette and tobacco cigarette use patterns of VCU undergraduates to determine whether the use of e-cigs would lead non-smoking individuals to later use tobacco cigarettes and to explore whether several factors which are historically predictive of initiating cigarette smoking such as anxiety and impulsivity, also result in the uptake of e-cigs.

The COBE Connect lunch series brings together researchers, student affairs professionals, students, and other members of the university community to present on research and programming related to behavioral and emotional health in students.

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