About the Contemplative Science and Education Core

The COBE Contemplative Science and Education Core promotes rigorous scholarship and scientific research on contemplative practices, and stimulates contemplative learning opportunities to foster well-being, resilience, relationships, and performance among VCU students, staff, and faculty, and surrounding Richmond community members.

There is substantial and growing evidence for the value for mindfulness meditation, yoga, and other contemplative activities to support human flourishing. The Contemplative Science and Education (CSE) Core aims to:

  • network and support VCU faculty and students with active interests in contemplative research, education, and community engagement
  • enhance our collective understanding of the nature and outcomes of contemplative activities through carefully conducted scholarship and science, both within and across disciplines
  • meet the need to reduce stress, strengthen mental and physical health, build resiliency, and enhance occupational and academic performance through the provision of learning opportunities to develop contemplative skills
  • train emerging leaders in contemplative research and education
  • encourage engagement with and understanding of the rich cultural contexts from which contemplative study and practice arises and is expressed in contemporary life

“Contemplative practices provide opportunities to deepen our attention, broaden our awareness, increase our understanding, help us listen and speak across difference, and open us to new perspectives and creative thinking. By developing awareness of the complex interconnectedness of all life, contemplative practices support [exploration of] the relationship between personal introspection, the development of meaning and purpose, and engaged action in the world.”

– Center for Contemplative Mind in Society