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COBE Research Bootcamp participants from August 2016.

COBE Research Bootcamp participants from August 2016.

Are you a VCU student interested in supporting or promoting COBE?  Great!  Whether you’re majoring in creative writing, biology, marketing or anything in between, we would love to have you and your particular talents on our team!

You can start by:
Following COBE on FacebookTwitter and Instagram
Attending COBE-sponsored and COBE-related events
Sign-up to be a part of the COBE student advisory committee
Practicing healthy living day-to-day

If you have a bit more time to spare:
Interact with us on social media
Join a wellness-related or COBE-related student organization
Volunteer to help COBE with events and programming

Or you could help:
Staff an event
Distribute t-shirts and prizes
Advertise an event
Film, record and/or blog about an event
Design COBE graphics
Have another idea? Let us know! 


Spit for Science students present at the UROP Poster Symposium in the Spring of 2016.


Are you interested in undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research is a fun, rewarding way to become involved and develop as a student and a scientist. There are many opportunities across campus, and COBE encourages students to learn more about the researchers and labs on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses.

Spit for Science offers several opportunities for undergraduate research. Selection is competitive. For information, please contact Dr. Amy Adkins.

Each summer, we accept 20 students to participate in an undergraduate research bootcamp. Bootcamp participants gain detailed knowledge of the Spit for Science dataset and codebook, learn to use SPSS, and complete small research projects as they explore basic research methodology and statistics. Applications are sent out during each spring semester.

Each fall and spring, Spit for Science runs a 3 credit, undergraduate research class. Class members help recruit for the project, meet VCU faculty who research behavioral and emotional health, and work in teams to complete research projects using actual Spit for Science data. Class sizes are typically 13-15 students. Applications are released about one month before registration begins for the subsequent semester.

Spit for Science also accepts a very small number of students for independent studies most semesters. You can learn about researchers who work on different topics related to behavioral and emotional health by clicking here.

For information about undergraduate research opportunities at VCU, as well as advice on all aspects of the process, you can visit the VCU Undergraduate Research Opportunities blog.

The VCU Office of Research also maintains a list of opportunities as well as advice on how to get startedWithin your major, your department is also a great source of information (for example the Biology and Psychology departments).