COBE Town Hall

At the From Research to Recovery Town Hall, COBE collaborated with Field Studio Films to capture all of the talks on video to use as a community resource for education and dissemination of the important conversations between researchers, professionals and members of the community.

In addition to the highlight reel above, see talks from all the speakers listed below:

Dr. Judson Brewer – “The Craving Mind: Why we get hooked, and how we can break free of addictive habits”

Dr. Kirk Warren-Brown – “Introducing Contemplative Science and Education: Transforming How We Learn, Work, and Stay Healthy”

Alex Peavy – “Mindfulness for a Healthy School Community”

Dr. Aaron White “Developing Brains, Environmental Influences and Teen Drinking: Implications for Prevention”

Dr. Danielle Dick “Spit for Science: A New Model for Understanding and Improving Behavioral Health in Young Adults”

Dr. Raymond Tademy “An Invisible Elephant: Race, Addiction, and Illiteracy among Adult Incarcerated Populations”

Dr. Claudrena Harold “Home is Where the Hatred Is: Substance Misuse and the Activist Life”

Dr. Lula Beatty – “Stress and Drugs in Vulnerable Boys and Men: How It Matters To You and Me”

Eric Sterling – “White Privilege and the Drug War”

Barbara Burke, LCSW – “The Disease Model and Considerations for Treatment”

Chris Budnick, LCSW, CS – “Clinical Humility as a Pathway to Recovery Oriented Systems of Care”

Andrew Burki, MSW – “Building a Comprehensive Academically Focused Continuum of Care for Adolescent and Emerging Adult Populations”

Dr. John Kelly – “Pathways to Recovery”

Dr. Mishka Terplan – “Gender & Use, Misuse, Treatment and Recovery”

Dr. Marc Fishman – “Opioid Addiction in Youth”

Megan Cooke – “Alcohol Use and The Brain: A Look Inside”

Dr. Josh Langberg – “Accessing Campus Connections and Empowering Student Success (ACCESS): Intervention for College Students with ADHD”

Dr. Christina Sheerin – “Traumatic Stress and Alcohol Use in Emerging Adults”

Dr. Danielle Dick, Ph.D. — “What Does Being “Genetically at Risk” for Addiction Really Mean?”

Linda Hancock, Ph.D. FNP – “Improving Prevention: We Can Do Better!”

Dr. Jasmin Vassileva, Ph.D. – “Impulsivity, Prevention and Intervention”

Rhonda Thissen, MSW – “Virginia’s First Episode Psychosis Response Program”

Dr. Laurie Cathers and Denise Hall, MS, NCC, CRC – “Building Capacity for Tomorrow’s Addiction Workforce”

Captain Michael Zohab – “Opening New Doors to Recovery”