Travel Information


Parking is available in one of the two closest VCU public parking decks, either the deck at the corner of Main and Cherry streets or the deck at Cary and Harrison streets.  You’ll get a timestamped ticket when you pull in. For paid attendees and DBHDS staff (but not VCU students, faculty or staff)  you will get a barcoded parking card/receipt at registration which you will swipe when you’re leaving the garage instead of paying. The deck at Main and Cherry is the closest one to the conference venues, which are the Cabell Library and the University Commons – that deck is right across the street from the Commons and two blocks from the library.

To get to the Cabell Library from the West Main Street Parking Deck, leave the parking deck and head North on S. Cherry St. Take a left on Floyd Ave., followed by a right at the crosswalk adjacent to the VCU Student Commons. The Cabell Library will be on your left.

Handicap Parking and Accommodations are available. Please contact Tom Bannard at (804) 366-8027 and