The College Behavioral and Emotional Health Institute acts as a hub for collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the areas of mental health, physical wellbeing and substance use.

62 faculty and 32 trainees (pre and post-doctoral) from 18 different departments working with the Spit for Science data. 19 awarded grants, including 6 training grants, related to COBE and Spit for Science to fund interdisciplinary research and other COBE initiatives.

COBE research cores center focus on specific behavioral and emotional health topics. In 2016 COBE launched the Contemplative Science and Education Core bringing faculty together from 8 academic units and 2 units in Student Affairs in order to expand research and teaching in the Contemplative Sciences.

COBE also makes it real by offering research, training, and learning opportunities for students, as well as mentorship and career development opportunities for faculty, in the area of college behavioral and emotional health.

Currently, 32 pre and post-doctoral trainees work with the Spit for Science data set; COBE has hosted 20 student research internships, and created opportunities for 10 more with affiliated faculty.

In 2016 COBE built and launched a “Research Bootcamp” – a 1 week summer immersion experience which taught students how to conduct research using the Spit for Science dataset. Of the 19 undergraduate attendees, 7 students subsequently did independent study projects in labs that same fall.