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Spit for Science Research Roundup #2

A new selection of brief reviews from current undergraduate researchers covering recent events in substance use and emotional health research.

The Artfulness Initiative Expands into the Classroom

Building on the momentum from its launch this Fall, the Artfulness Initiative will offer a course in the Spring that develops one-off art and mindfulness events into a full semester curriculum.

How Can You Support Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction focuses on ways to reduce negative consequences associated with drug use including personal and systemic strategies.

Spit for Science Research Roundup #1

Brief blog posts from current undergraduate researchers covering recent events and research relating to substance use and emotional health.

How COBE Helps Students THRIVE

This year COBE and The Well launch THRIVE, a living-learning community integrating research, teaching and programming into an action-packed living experience. THRIVE helps students learn how to make the most out of their college years and lead healthy, prosperous lives.

COBE Welcome Address

We’re so excited to start our first academic school year with COBE recognized as an official VCU Institute! Learn more about how to get involved this year in our Welcome Address.

COBE Town Hall Introduction Address

Last Thursday and Friday, more than 300 people gathered to look for a path forward with substance use and young people at the COBE Town Hall. I would guess that many people came by their seat honestly, or as the saying goes, most of us don’t get to places like that on a winning streak.

Why I Run Up the Stairs at Work

A guest blog post by Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor Tom Bannard, who will finish his MBA from VCU in May.

Watch Out! Midterms Are Coming!

Watch Out! Midterms Are Coming!

Are you experiencing anxiety about the big, mean midterms coming soon? Don’t worry! Here are some ideas to help you ace each test.