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How Is Vaping Different than Smoking?

E-cigarettes are often portrayed as a healthy alternative or even a way to quit smoking. But how does e-cig use actually differ from tobacco cigarettes? Spit for Science researchers at VCU set off to find out more.

COBE Partners with Students to Promote Research and Public Health

During the Fall 2016 semester, COBE partnered with students in three undergraduate classes to promote scientific research, create promotional campaigns and spread basic knowledge about health and wellbeing on campus.

IDAS Sponsors Lecture on Alcohol and Drug Prevention Among Adolescents

VCU’s Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies and Beacon Tree Foundation will host an educational meeting to review recent advances in neuroscience relating to drug and alcohol interventions as well as new evidence-based solutions to alcohol and drug prevention among adolescents.

Radio IQ Covers Spit for Science

On Nov. 21st Radio IQ released a story about Spit for Science and COBE including brief interviews with Dr. Danielle Dick and Dr. Jessica Salvatore.

COBE Researcher Wins VCU Postdoctoral Scholar Grant

Jinni Su, a postdoctoral researcher with the EDGE Lab and COBE, was recently awarded a $5,000 grant by the VCU Postdoctoral Scholar Association for a spinoff research project based on Spit for Science.

How Can You Support Harm Reduction?

Harm reduction focuses on ways to reduce negative consequences associated with drug use including personal and systemic strategies.

A Conversation about Research, Deviance and Alcohol

This blog is a conversation between COBE researcher Dr. Jessica Salvatore and COBE Administrative Director Tom Bannard. They discuss Dr. Salvatore’s recent article, “The Role of Romantic Relationship Status in Pathways of Risk for Emerging Adult Alcohol Use,” which we wrote about in our first Research Review. Tom: So we are going to chat about alcohol, deviance,… Read more »