THRIVE is a partnership between COBE and VCU Residential Life and Housing that provides students with a living-learning experience focused on well-being from the time they start college. By integrating research, teaching and programming into an action-packed living experience, THRIVE helps students learn how to make the most out of their college years and lead healthy, prosperous lives.

As a program-in-residence, THRIVE melds research, academics and life outside of the classroom through:

  • Priority enrollment in a three-credit class called The Science of Happiness, taken in the fall or spring, focused on research-based promotion of well-being.  The class is team taught by faculty experts and students learn about how to set themselves up for success – all while earning course credit!
  • Programming collaboratively developed by our faculty and Residence Assistants focused on health and wellbeing such as healthy eating and yoga.
  • Mentorship and special opportunities provided by Faculty like Fireside Chats to get to know students outside the classroom.
  • Wellness focused events created with student input and ideas.
  • The opportunity to be a part of a paid research study that will examine the effectiveness of the program.
  • Graduates receive a completion certificate at the end of the year!


THRIVE kicks off with free yoga sessions led by Kamini Pahuja every Wednesday from 4-5pm in the Brandt Community Room. THRIVE yoga is open to all students, faculty and staff as we encourage everyone to take time out of their day to be mindful and present.

Join THRIVE in 2018!

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